Game Plan. Check! #BlackFriday Doorbuster Previews start tomorrow! #WishinAccomplished
  • toysrusGame Plan. Check! #BlackFriday Doorbuster Previews start tomorrow! #WishinAccomplished

  • madison_borowiczLol
  • linagirl26I find it abhorrent that you have decided to open your doors early on Thanksgiving, when you should be honoring family and tradition instead of trying to turn a bigger profit. I will NOT be patronizing @toysrus this holiday season and neither will several of my friends. Our measly dollars may not make an impact on your profit but our statement will.
  • eamonc21Awesome @toysrus
  • insanechicka33@linagirl26 they are a business, of course they want money. Everyone has Black Friday deals so they are trying to get people to shop there. Toys R US isn't a person so get off your high horse.
  • tertalqI also will not be shopping at your store for Christmas because of your opening on thanksgiving! Shame on you @toysrus it is a family day and toy stores should respect family values! Offer amazing online deals on thanksgiving so people can hang with family & shop online!
  • tertalqWell said @Linagirl26
  • barbaraann710No need to open at any time before 10pm on Thanksgiving - as stores open earlier and earlier it only takes away the importance of a family holiday which will soon be just another day bc of YOU the SHOPPER
  • nashsmamaYay @toysrus! I will for sure be there...WITH MY FAMILY. All stores are opening earlier this year, get over it. Guess you guys will be boycotting a lot of places!!!
  • jollycube@trevor_bridge black friday is the us big sales day to start the holiday season. It starts on a friday the day after thanksgiving
  • cammi____agabinokward its so kiddy
  • literallylidsWhere do you get a giant Jeffery
  • smonela@m0fa
  • pkolinoThat is funny.
  • gugi_as_himselfFunny
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