#Regram from @Purpleprfashion Fun shoot with @ellenvonunwerth for @roberto_cavalli for @STSytle #cannes
  • liyakebede#Regram from @Purpleprfashion Fun shoot with @ellenvonunwerth for @roberto_cavalli for @STSytle #cannes

  • roukye@liyakebede J'admire beaucoup ce que tu fais pour les enfants,
  • bourgeoiscultureTimeless beauty
  • j0siebAmazing ♥♥♥♥
  • secretagent212@liyakebede you were truely moving at Glamour Women of the year 👏
  • ewapee  
  • ewapee  
  • alexbeleteBullshit! Bitch you are not an Ethiopian you are nobody.
  • alexbeletehttps://www.facebook.com/alex.belete.9/posts/658899104132145
  • dearabra<3
  • alexbeleteI thought she is worthy of following but I thought wrong. Our people in Saudi Arabia killed on sight, women gang raped and beaten to death, she haven't say word. She is in a position to speak up but she chose not to. This is not taken side just simply being an ETHIOPIAN.
  • purpleprBeautiful ❤️
  • teferibezayitKojit!!!
  • teferibezayitAnd congrats in your success
  • teferibezayit@alexbelete pls look things outside the box she is working sp hard for her country in mother mortality and health why should be blamed why can't you blame thoes on power who even denied there ppl right to have demonstrations in their own countries so pls for God sake leave her alone and if you want to put some one on that position tell for thoes who are on power .
  • sudi_tem@alexbelete u r nothing but hater...like for real? Do u really have to blame her for the shit that happens to every Ethiopians? She is just a normal person like u and me, what r u doing for ur people yourself? Common dude. .we Ethiopians r so proud of her and we will always be. So leave her alone!
  • taliatrupOMG people like you make me so angry!! Thin people are not beautiful! You look bony and too skinny it makes me so frustrated that this is what we so called call beautiful! It's not it gives the wrong message to teenagers and makes them want to become the impossible that is only possible by starvation!!! #anorexiaisnotbeautiful
  • leleboo99She isn't doing anything wrong. If u have a complaint about being "anorexic" then complain to the millions of other models out there. She's not the only one. @taliatrup
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