Me and @hartluck On manscape Fridays at The Shave...
  • butchwalkerMe and @hartluck On manscape Fridays at The Shave...

  • jiggerzEverytime I try to follow u on here.. It boots me off! #wth?
  • ashleysagerYou're a part of the scissor gang? ;)
  • motomermaidbarbieReally , don't like button !
  • amanda_theocles<3 Butch!!! I used to bring your cd to gym class in high school years ago to blast when we did laps around the gym and when no one knew who you were, me and my Bestfriend cara would screeeaaammmmmm your lyrics all through the gym... Pretty sure they know you now :)) Love youuu and your music!!! Never gets old!! Follow me:)
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