• wale➡↘⬇➡↗⬆🅱

  • charnaee_🔥🔥
  • charnaee_😍😍
  • 302nateKilled him go look at the young lem diss
  • 80zallstarWht move iz this clld? @wale
  • playboytyyy💵
  • bgroccTurn Up!!!!
  • n.o.m.a.d.i.c@wale #vancity #comethru
  • murrddaaa😎😎😎😎
  • eerrykaa#toronto 💚 love yu
  • vancoronaOne of the greatest in the game. Fuck anyone who says different
  • blueetinDats one crazy move
  • lilricheyyWtf am I looking at
  • sidoublezMad hops
  • clutch_otLol watchu jumpin so high for #turnup
  • adudenamedkevinLmao wow
  • abm2f@wale that's a combo lol
  • khai_know_watsup😍😍😍😍
  • lissa.baby_HoUstOn!!
  • ralphieralph_neato
  • christres❗️❗️SERIOUS QUESTION❗️❗️ I Know when you were coming and even still now.. You had doubters, mainly because people didn't/don't see your vision. but it's very hard to explain yourself...even though you do music , everybody doesn't listen to your words to see what you see...so what do you do?? Because I'm a aspiring tattoo artist, been doing them 11months, and see so much potential in myself..I'm humble tho and won't ever be satisfied no matter what cause there's always room for improvement...I still have many people doubting my capabilities, like what do you want from me...and the people doubting me are SUPPOSE TO BE my friends...Im asking you because I see the stuff you put up about people questioning you, and I respect how you address it because it's usually illogical comments with no facts and you back up your comments every time, and I been a fan since 06..I'm use to doubters from football, but this is definitely something new, so I ask for advice
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