Nairobi, Kenya | Beryl Opar, 29, has been searching for a job for a year and a half. She takes advantage of her free time to work on her tennis game. Photo by @nicholesobecki #tennis #unemployment #economy #nairobi #kenya
  • everydayafricaNairobi, Kenya | Beryl Opar, 29, has been searching for a job for a year and a half. She takes advantage of her free time to work on her tennis game. Photo by @nicholesobecki #tennis #unemployment #economy #nairobi #kenya

  • jch350@berylopar you famous!
  • benjaminkristabelKfb
  • indiananajonesExtremely difficult to find a job...
  • gblaqmcchris_mrfrodoOnly God can help right now
  • nosocialmediastuffI'm from the u.s.a and I can tell you This economy is jacked up here. So the world is in a horrible down fall right now.
  • mokonziCan we get local, black Africans to tell their stories. Instead of foreigners....
  • everydayafrica@mokonzi if you scroll back through you'll find our feed is a mix
  • laparsha89Which story do we local black Africans tell? There r so many.
  • averaje_joeYou can sit and mope or grab the racket and let it out :)
  • whoisalexfox@mokonzi... We should talk! I'm starting up a collective in Ghana (initally) to connect NGOs to local artists instead of using white ones
  • whoisalexfox@mokonzi.... I totally agree.
  • averaje_joe@whoisalexfox white ones? Are they the problem? Or am I not reading this right?
  • mcarolla@j_a_y_q I don't think @whoisalexfox is implying that white ones are the problem,there are many factors to consider and perhaps using locals would provide more raw data...
  • whoisalexfox@mcarolla @j_a_y_q I'm trying to say that I agree with @mokonzi when he said there should be more local Africans telling stories rather than white people with their white, privileged gaze. The majority of People on @everydayafrica are white, Or they're Africans who've studied/worked/lived abroad. There's nothing wrong with that they're doing, but there's something wrong with the fact that its largely outnumbering people who've grown up in Africa itself
  • whoisalexfoxAnd not that there's something wrong with @everydayafrica, but that there's something wrong with the system that doesn't allow Africans to succeed and be featured on things like @everydayafrica
  • mcarolla@whoisalexfox exactly...
  • everydayafrica@whoisalexfox @mcarolla @mokonzi agree wholeheartedly and happy to see this conversation on our feed. The long term goal of everydayafrica is actually to create a new platform that will allow anyone with a phone camera to contribute images, from the village level up. Instagram and professional photography have been our starting point, but eventually we hope to have a project that explores what "everyday Africa" means from far more viewpoints.
  • whoisalexfox@everydayafrica @mcarolla @mokonzi amazing! And that's exactly what I love about @everydayafrica. Excited to see more (and maybe veneer collaborate one day, ad my goal is very similar!) we'll talk :)
  • everydayafrica@whoisalexfox great!
  • mcarolla@everydayafrica that's a great vision ,a lot of people in Africa have no clue what is being portrayed about them in other continents,so being part of something which is about them would really be good.
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