• radioshackWant to win the ultimate @SOLREPUBLIC and @RadioShack prize pack? #RSonDECK Http://Shack.net/DECKdemo

  • dinajzYes!
  • mavericks4lifeWhy yes I do
  • samir.awdivYes. Yes I want to win! I've been saving up for the @solrepublic #Deck so why don't you help me out and pick me to win! Please!
  • braden_cmuI want this!
  • macca_kingill will happily take that prize pack off your hands :)
  • ldstarr18I tried the URL and it isn't working
  • lpezwm@ldstarr18 you have to type it exactly as posted (case sensitive)... Here's the link http://blog.radioshack.com/2013/10/demo-the-deck-and-win/
  • ldstarr18Thanks...I searched and foun
  • rajeespotyes please #RSonDECK
  • itsaxelDo you guys pick a winner random or whover has the best video?
  • jonchevierJust to let you know @notlaw3 stole footage from my youtube video to enter your giveaway. I'm not interested in entering however it isn't ethical what she did considering other people put effort to win and she is Stealing. We all hate #SHRINK! Searching "sol republic deck demo" in Google will display my video first in the listings. Good-day
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