the people who claim the banksy is theirs and want to sell it for $100,000 #banksy #banksyny #betteroutthanin #queens
  • notexactlybluethe people who claim the banksy is theirs and want to sell it for $100,000 #banksy #banksyny #betteroutthanin #queens

  • notexactlyblue@yaya_077 what other news has she been on?
  • yaya_077My friend text me she was in 2 stories, I just saw this: ("Veles, 27, said an unidentified woman was apparently lusting after the mini-monument, adding: “I don’t want to say more.”) Post & of course the observer & the gothamist
  • yaya_077Lusting!! lmao smh
  • notexactlyblue@yaya_077 yeah i shoot for gothamist, i knew that one. i was responsible for that. I'm also the one that got her name and put it online lol. the observer i knew because they originally listed me as the guy stealing the banksy i wrote them and made them change their story immediately.
  • yaya_077LMAO they said u stole the banksy?! haha!! Thankssss for puttin it on blast!! I'm sureee she's gettin a cut!! I can bet anything on that!!
  • notexactlyblue@yaya_077 they ripped off gothamists story because the writer was too incompetent to write her own. she copied paragraphs and quotes from gothamist, saw my name listed as photographer and reporter. so she decided to list me by full name and say i was the one who claimed it and was selling it.
  • yaya_077This is crazy!! Well now I know that the observer isn't very reliable... listin u as the guy who claimed tha Banksy?! smh, tht writer need to go!! lol... this Banksy commotion is gettin crazier everyday... Even worse I rushed outta work just to find out by that time it was already taken away... I can;t understand how these greedy ass ppl can't at least let it stay for a full day so the rest of us can go & enjoy it... actually appreciate it since it is for the ppl... I was so upset when I got out of work & there was no point in heading there anymore...
  • maxwellzdadDon't drag @notexactlyblue name through this anymore. He is getting mad.
  • notexactlyblue@maxwellzdad didn't get mad, just asked not to do it
  • elleblock@notexactlyblue you, sir, amaze me.
  • notexactlyblue@elleblock 🙌
  • barcode23@notexactlyblue "if banksy wanted it in a gallery" well if he didn't want someone to take it he would have put it on private property. I think it was all part of the show to have it lifted. Every piece has a element of drama happening with it, especially today's note and the loading in the truck yesterday. But really in every one there is something. That's forcing us to engage with the art and each other. I really think that's the point and why he added the extra element if IG, but I'm wildly speculating. @capnyc good find here from your page keep up the good work fellas @notexactlyblue @capnyc happy hunting.
  • capnycWhat find @barcode23
  • notexactlyblue@barcode23 I'm not saying there isn't any merit in that, but it's still a shitty thing to do. especially seeing first hand the way she did it. thanks!
  • barcode23Would have been better if someone had done it in the dead of night though and given people a chance to see it first. But inevitable in my opinion.
  • notexactlyblueinevitable for sure, but thats what I'm saying. let it be for a while. this shit lasted like 5 hours after banksy's post. @barcode23
  • barcode23@notexactlyblue well sure as hell didn't help that they got assistance from her in what they were dealing with. I completely agree.
  • notexactlyblue@barcode23 w/o her they'd have been clueless what to do with it. she put the whole thing in motion and told them just how to handle it
  • barcode23@notexactlyblue still made for great drama. And I really think that is his point. We will see though if that thread continues and if it builds to a crescendo.
  • barcode23@capnyc "what find" this guys page and specifically this conversation.
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