• channingtatumNICKY, the TV project that @ChanningTatum and Reid Carolin are currently producing, has been set up at #CBS with a script commitment! Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen (#Friends) will executive produce and co-write with @NickZano, who will be a co-executive producer and star in the project if ordered to pilot. #NICKY is a comedy based on Zano's life growing up in a multi-generational house of 7 women in New Jersey. Stay tuned for updates, and click here for more info: http://bit.ly/HekzTN

    #tv #pilot #news #WarnerBros

  • katelynnao@icetrident
  • aassoignonMmmmmm your so yummy!!! @channingtatum
  • verateixeiraLove youu!! You're the best!
  • brittblesYou are amazing ♡
  • rodxxlБла бла
  • ammers1991beautiful man
  • avery._.rayCAN I GET A SHOUTOUT
  • carina.wnrch@tonimahfud please have a look he made a awesome edit for you3
  • shyann.xoYou're amazing.
  • mylennaaa_babe
  • baby.doll101Absolutely stunning .. Amazing smile laugh heart and soul . Glad u did something outstanding with ur life . We only live once and u did an amazing job . For some of us it's not possible or we just don't have the talent but we still dream one day we could be awesome like u 😁 love ur work keep it up and god bless ur heart and ur wonderful family xoxo
  • roisin_staceyUr amazing !:)
  • miiriigutiierrez02I love you name
  • bailey4mvp@emillyruth now I no why you want me to wear it all the time haha.
  • bailey4mvp@emillyruth thats ok tho im not going to complain if it works for you
  • bailey4mvp@emillyruth I will have to get that Brooklyn hat
  • sophie.yasI love you so much
  • giuxsouzaAmo amo amo amo amo amo!
  • asiashrugzI have a friend who has none cancer .....she is 25 with two kids and she doesn't have much longer to live and her dying wish is to meet you ......is there anyway we can make that happen?
  • alicaiolaI love you Channing Tatum. You are absolutely fabulous!!😘
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