More than 500,000 Americans have already applied for health coverage through #Obamacare—but there's more work to do: #GetCovered
  • whitehouseMore than 500,000 Americans have already applied for health coverage through #Obamacare—but there's more work to do: #GetCovered

  • yehopeHey pass on this to Roberts sister Mary kerry kennedy ,to get a profile on Instagram
  • cassygypsygirlAmen!!! This is the way it should be!!! ... Just like it is in Europe, the Phillipines, South Africa, Canada, India, Australia, UK, etc... Health care MUST be free for everyone as it is in other countries!! Finally an American President that has a brain, a heart and wants the best for ALL Americans!! ❤️❤️❤️ @whitehouse
  • marvinsmomNo it's not free, but it's freely available and it's worth it.
  • marvinsmom^ @shedigsyourmelody
  • xushujie🌺🌺🌺
  • xushujie🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • joe.apuzzoIs everyone here blind? This is really horrifying.
  • joe.apuzzo@crystalstache So you say to get off your ass & work harder, yet you support a man who gives people money for not working?
  • joe.apuzzoThank you. @matthewcoker1
  • crystalstache@joe_apuzzo just because some abuse the system those who actually need it they get fucked? So those people who abuse the gun laws should effect those who know how to have one? Hmmm.....
  • crystalstacheBasically what in saying is one subject has nothing to do with the other. We all need healthcare!
  • ctyaustinWhat about your promise to keep our current insurance?
  • ctyaustin@cassygypsygirl How's it free? Someone has to pay for it dumbass
  • jetsetgojrmyIt's a responsibility & not a right. It's MY responsibility to look after myself and NOT john doe's "right" to take care if me.
  • kaitwallaYou people really need to take an economics class or 2 to understand how this obamacare ends up working out. #nothingisfree #especiallynotsocialistichealthcare
  • wake_the_bearYou also promised to label all GMO's, when you FIRST ran for president. Throw a temper tantrum over ACA (obamacare), don't care about GMO's?
  • drozzymYour talking shit Obama ur a fake!! U chat shit mate.... Your just another bullshiter
  • drozzym500,000 for health coverage and tell me what's the population in America? So u got 0.0001% covered what about the rest you puppet?
  • drozzym@moynulhoque
  • hjiloi👎
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