Los Angeles valley looking like a lake this morning
  • robdyrdekLos Angeles valley looking like a lake this morning

  • mdwest83Look just like gta funny
  • a_canevariLiving the dream.
  • brycef_1219haha for real! @mdwest83
  • verogirl77Damn is that smog @robdyrdek
  • 806godThis is still going on XD @corey_repucci
  • 806godHaha ooh i think you basically killed the dude there i was like well damn talk about over kill XD @corey_repucci
  • 806godI feel sorta bad though...you just left him there like unloved and unwanted road kill :p @corey_repucci
  • aimforacause@corey_repucci it's "you're" not "your" just FYI :D
  • corey_repucci@aimforacause lol thank you. YOU'RE absolutely right ;)
  • 806godHaha yea but sometimes its just funny haha i like to laufgh at it @corey_repucci well thanks for the laufgh haha bye bro
  • they_call_me_jesse_Ay @poppaferg you should have called your self pappafag Haha gay as white boy bitch go do something useful rather then spending so much time on instagram u stupid fuck
  • kkv4lVery pretty picture Rob nice job
  • they_call_me_jesse_Nice pic rob sorry about the rant
  • oliverpicOn devrais aller ailleur @nadbrass xxx
  • qpon_barbie@robdyrdek 💕💕💕
  • jesstin_jonesYou should post a pic of you guys beating the record for biggest skateboard
  • coyotebloodI'm an author and a skater and my next book is all skate poetry and I'd love for you to write the intro/foreword
  • customsneakerhead👈👈👈👈
  • jasminestroupI seriously love this picture.
  • chelseacurtsinger22I can't watch your show anymore because mom canceled tv which really sucks but my brother and I loved it!! My friend Donnie passed away Saturday, he was from California and he loved skating. I remember talking to him about your show and how I always wished I could skate. I tried and tried but never quit get the hang of it. Donnie though, he was good. He had an amazing passion for things. I loved the boy but he had a hard life. I'm going to work on skating again. I'm going to do it for Donnie because I know he'll have a great time watching me attempt to do anything. I just wanted to say that you're an inspiration for kids like me and Donnie and we appreciate all that you do.
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