Competition! Girls are ready! @xfactor_au @natbassingthwaighte
  • danniiminogueCompetition! Girls are ready! @xfactor_au @natbassingthwaighte

  • isabella.tomicGOOO JAIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!! 😘🎉😘😍 #jaihasthexfactor
  • viennasheridanOmg me to !! @madi_821_dance
  • ulysseshineDanni!!!!
  • ulysseshinePlease tell Dami we want to see more emotion in each and every word she sings for the grand final.. We love her to bits and don't want to see her lose.. She has put emotion into every words of One and Purple Rain.. When she connects like that we connect with the song.. Fighting! Fighting! Fighting Team minogue love you so much!!!!!!!
  • ulysseshineWe hope the grand final song is one that can connect with all generations young and old!!
  • ulysseshineI have huge respect for the way you handled judges decision tonight Danni and ur decision!!!! I thank God so much Dami met you as her mentor!!! It was meant to be!!!
  • smileyrainbow_14We need more emotion behind dami's songs
  • smileyrainbow_14But GO DAMI anyway
  • hopeislandlivingSad to see 3D go. Dami and 3D have the X Factor !
  • lachlanmaaramodemarchelier@netballgs emotions who? Pfft - she's a fighter never forget that
  • chantelleduru@madi_821_dance get ready to start crying...
  • marcosmatsudaHey Dani! Congrats from BraziL! uhuuuu! 💆🙅🙆🙏
  • nays2
  • nays2It should of been - dami - Taylor - 3rd degree !!! Why u all vote jai ! I lov him but come on 3rd deg ! Australia needs this ! :/
  • clo.papI agree @naylitl Third D3gree should have stayed
  • nays2@thepigsandpies totally !! They r funky hip !! We got so much of jai n Taylor ! Taylor is awesome but ! We need a dami and a 3rd deg !! I mean not to be rude but we have 1 KYLIE - and I think that Samantha jade is too much trying to be her ! BORING ! Like I said there only 1 Kylie minouge and I lov her ! So Taylor can be something new and fresh Ozzy rock - ( I mean as long as he don't go Shannon noll on us lol ) DAMI IS ONE IN A MILLION POWER HOUSE ! Jai has been done b4 3rd deg would have bought some spice to the grand final !
  • nays2@danniiminogue wat u think ? We need fresh funky Ozzy beats !!
  • gracelovesthedamiimGo dami and dami
  • bianka_farac_xoxGo Nat
  • mia.carpinelligo girls
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