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  • stephsinclairpixiPhone portraits of Laali Bairwa, 15. "My circumstances were such that my mother had passed away and there was no one to do the work. So I complied and thought, "Alright I will not study, my life is ruined. Then I went to my father in tears saying, 'Please, I will do the work and study at the same time.' I said to my father, ‘Do not get me married. I do not want to marry. I want to study. If you want to educate me, then do it, or I will study on my own.’ If I can say no to my father, then even you can say no,” said Bairwa.

    As stated in last week's Hindustan Times, "at 47%, while India has the 14th highest rate of child marriage in the world... it has the largest number of child brides – an estimated one-third of the global total. But programs aimed at educating and empowering girls - and boys - are beginning to bear fruit, giving them the confidence to say “no” to child marriage. To celebrate their courage, this is the sixth in a series that started on the second international #dayofthegirl. #endchildmarriage #india #girls Photo by Stephanie Sinclair @stephsinclairpix @2young2wed @viiphoto

  • valrizzoLive this so much and her story
  • humansofguateLove these stories and portraits!
  • marisharocksThis series is so profoundly beautiful...
  • rachelvanoschxxshe is a nice girl and no I do not ge the
  • solivagantinindiaThe reason for this is poverty in India I believe @stephsinclairpix
  • allpicpostNot only povertry its old culture and religion problem also.
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