Warm-up wellness before "The Greatest Show on Mother Earth." #AvedaCongress
  • avedaWarm-up wellness before "The Greatest Show on Mother Earth." #AvedaCongress

  • caiitertotWater bottles?!
  • avedaWe appreciate your concern and observation, @caiitertot. We provided water for all attendees and performers. We encouraged them to bring reusable containers to refill them when needed. Should you have any additional comments, please let us know as we'd be happy to speak with you personally. ^ka
  • artifactoryHmmm.. @caiitertot . The last photo you posted is you holding a plastic cup. Perhaps you should consider your own impact on the environment before ridiculing others?
  • caiitertotHaha I was kidding around I could care less I went to an Aveda school and we weren't allowed to use them. @artifactory
  • artifactoryOh I see @caiitertot, I can see the humor in that, for sure. I went to an Aveda Institute as well, we didn't have that rule. 😅
  • foodbynikkiWe most definitely have that rule at the Aveda institute in Austin! Reusable containers only! 😃 I love it! ❤️
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