@drh3 killing it in front of a packed house at @thecrofoot on the #anthemworldtour
  • taylorhansonmusic@drh3 killing it in front of a packed house at @thecrofoot on the #anthemworldtour

  • jill_samsHaha you probably think I'm insane
  • jill_samsI love you
  • jill_samsTell the kids I say hi!
  • elizabethkjHappy Birthday to Zac! ❤️
  • jill_samsAww tell zac I saw happy birthday!
  • cbeleoliveiraHappy Birthday to Zac!!!!!!
  • silvianettoZachary, i love your hair :D
  • mariannem1016Happy Birthday to your lil bro, Zac!!! ;)
  • breakmydreamsHappy birthday Zac :-)
  • zephyrbellsAnd e was amazing! Thank you for introducing me to a new artist! #anotherobsession
  • josalynlawsonI was at that show too. It was a great anniversary gift. Also, this dude is a Great performer!
  • elinstarskyJust looking at the music video werird. IT was a long time ago, u guys still remains in My heart. Love starsky fr.o.m. Sweden
  • margaret_finch🙊🙊🙊💝🙊🙊☺😖😩😂😱😱😎😴😰😅😅😥😪😪😣😍😩😇👷👷👮👳👲👿😈👿
  • 29dollfaceI was amaze when I finally had the chance to meet you guys after the concert I have loved hanson since mmmbop. Had first came out and I got to hug Zac and Ike but no Tay Tay I waited by the tour bus door til they left!!! Hopefully next time they come to Michigan I will have a chance to meet taylor!!!
  • rcmmmeadowsSaw him a LONG time ago (2003?) when he opened for John Mayer. Was a bit obsessed with 'Pretty Girl' for a hot minute.
  • hanson3OMG I was at this show!
  • hanson3Sigh
  • hanson3Lol
  • hanson3He rocked
  • jessalynbrooksOh man, David and Pontiac. Two things I like!
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