A sexy, blurry Italiano and a pretty, hungry Americana. @francescocarrozzini @micahughes
  • tyrabanksA sexy, blurry Italiano and a pretty, hungry Americana. @francescocarrozzini @micahughes

  • annettenhlWHY DID NINA LEAVE.... She was on the top for the last 3 weeks and then there's Chris and all he's been doing is standing still and looking at the camera... I think something is wrong here... I've watched all the cycles of antm but I've never thought anything was this unfair until this episode...? I thought Nina looked really modelesque in the photo, while Chris did not. He doesn't even work that hard in any of his photo shoots... Could you bring Nina back and kick Chris out?
  • erin.nadiaNinaaaaaa :( why'd she have to go ?! Tyra, please bring her back. She had the potential to win this season. You like different, and Nina has such a unique look!!
  • writebrainedI'm on the Nina back train!
  • clairekermodeI want Nina
  • dessypermatasI want nina ! Why she ?
  • cafemenbaTyra !! Plz Tyra,everyone want Nina back :(( i know it impossible but give her a chance :(( i was breakdown
  • godmiaaChris did not deserve to stay BRING BACK NINA Nina has only had one bad shoot and Chris had been in the bottom for the past 2 WEEKS it's not fair!
  • tyra_kearneyWhat does nina look like who is she??? Tyras show hasnt come to newzealand yet. lame
  • starquakerThe new voting system this season really sucks!
  • tatyy._Hi Tyra banks you knew my dad Danny Henry!! When two went to school together and i am his daughter Tatyana Henry!! I just wante to say Hi!!!! Your really awesome
  • glorelsNina no!!! This new system must change!!!!!
  • tyrabanks@its_me_tatyyyy wow! You're Dad was one of my main buddies!!!
  • izzy_laeI just watched the latest episode, WHY did you boot Nina?! She was amazing!
  • jayrodriguezzzYea but she wasn't emotionally ready @izzy_l_
  • mck3nna14505Uuuuuuuummmm what? Is she holding a turkey?!?
  • mackenziee.xoxoLove it
  • irira44Delicious
  • laylagrunfeldI wrote you a letter and i really hope you got it because you are my role model and you inspire me to be a role model to other girls. ;)))
  • destinyyxooNotice me 😘💕🙋
  • angela.rootDo I have what it takes tyra??? #WhatItTakes
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