Even when it's cloudy, #NYC is so pretty. πŸ’–
  • deliasEven when it's cloudy, #NYC is so pretty. πŸ’–

  • nicksalataNYC
  • ka.an.ve.46Miss NYC
  • nangab66You still don't know what you're talking about Dumb Ass!!!!!!!!!! You're gonna compare Montana with NYC? Really? R u that ignorant? Have a good night !
  • newyorkbaselWas born in n.y.c!!!
  • nangab66Thank you! @_mmaaddiee_
  • sweetmonse01I must visit some day!
  • doriburkhart@nagab66 so true!!
  • beeflalala35Yeah I live in the country now and everybody saying that in the country everybody is so nice and have manners is clearly wrong! Definitely met a lot of crazy rude people and nosy on top of that! i was expecting people with manners! I hate when people say that it just proves that you've never actually lived anywhere else! To tell you the truth i met a whole lot more down to earth people in NYC than here but thats just me,If you like your country home town than just say that but don't make everybody believe you guys are all saints in the country,the truth is there are nice and rude people everywhere! Nobody can change that!
  • casey.simmonssWho won the graphic tees??? @delias
  • charlotteharterDid the contest end?
  • jordan.r.dWho won the #teesplease
  • ginnaacwho won tees please?
  • alivergaaI am there right know
  • brooklyn_fraiseWhen do we no who won the 50 tees? I can hardly wait to c who won
  • gtfokelAww I live here
  • gtfokel@sarahgg4 it is but I like it
  • itsautumn01Swag
  • maria.aireWow. It's really cool!)
  • nicholergzI was just there
  • bellanakyI love NYC
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