#ootd stole my moms shirt, my bros pants .. But hey , everything else is mine 😂
  • caitlinbeadles#ootd stole my moms shirt, my bros pants .. But hey , everything else is mine 😂

  • marcecolin@sofiof
  • halsey_5sos@yuridaa how would go know her? And if you don't like her why look at her pictures? Leave her alone no one likes bullies.
  • halsey_5sos*you
  • caitlinbeadle"I know everything bout her" pliss girl nobody knows EVERYTHING about her!
  • yuridaa@bieber_grande_beadles bc I was her fan "was" :')
  • halsey_5sos@yuridaa hahaha so? I'm her fan I don't know everything about her? What did she do that's so bad then
  • yuridaa@bieber_grande_beadles she's cheating on justin that's why justin made that should be me!
  • halsey_5sos@yuridaa how would you know that lol
  • nadiafernandez_jorja
  • kaaithleenyour stupidity makes me laugh @yuridaa
  • yuridaa@kaithleeeeen_ my stupidity ? Bc hating on the gurl that do not even have talent ? How about you? Loving a gurl that says she's a model but she's never become a magazine cover photo,and her body is fat as hell.
  • kaaithleen@yuridaa yes your stupidity you fucking ignorant bitch. she does have talent. who cares if shes fat. to me i think shes perf. shut the fuck up and go suck a sick bc thats probably what you're best at :) twat.
  • yuridaa@kaithleeeeen_ perf? Really!? Then if Shestia Havana talent what talent? Stealing another person's boyfriend? :') I feel sorry to u.
  • karleighc92@yuridaa you need to stfu. She is a model and she's more successful than you will ever be, and she's not even close to being fat, she's perfect and 10 times prettier/better than you. It's stupid that your commenting on her pictures and causing fights and drama even though you don't even like Caitlin, your the one on her page so you need to stfu @yuridaa oh and btw, you'll never have a chance getting with justin
  • cellagomide@yuridaa ih olha o recalque krida
  • maferperezs@yuridaa shut up your stupid mouth
  • yuridaa@maferperezs excuse me but mouth can't think,if you think my mouth is stupid actually no,stupidity is in brain & well you're stupid bc u don't even know that 😊
  • thataojedaLinda *-----*
  • ourgiovannaPerfeita
  • rominisitaDog so cute and caitlin perfect forever :) aww
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