Another @joeciaglia and Ca Skateparks masterpiece! #streetleague
  • robdyrdekAnother @joeciaglia and Ca Skateparks masterpiece! #streetleague

  • mr.ileHey rob me and my friends have this little skate park with 2 vert ramps and a rail and some space but we don't go there we go to are collage campos and we all ways get in trouble😕 so if u could help me stand up for a new skate park u don't even half to come down here if u could just do some thing to help cuz this sucks!!!!
  • dyln_vMake a park in portland oregon!!! @robdyrdek
  • lordofthemoms@skaterfantasy_ yes they have alot to do with this. Our city raised money for 7 fucking years to build this park. Don't talk about what you don't know about!!! It's actually called sports park. Idiot.
  • lordofthemoms@skaterfantasy_ looks like it's still going on pal. I didn't say skaters didn't do shit. I most definitely did not. And I don't think it is just for bikers at all! It doesn't matter who you promote. I like to promote the place in town where very one can enjoy the technical "plaza". I just think it's funny how you said it had nothing to do with bikers. The whole idea came from a biker. My bmx friend who I grew up with died and this park that the city made possible with remembrance of him in mind. So this park has alot to do with bikers. Call it what you want.... Everyone enjoys it. Bikers, skaters, even scooter kids.
  • parisanthonybowersThis is how you get noticed by cool and famous people, lol #random
  • megankelley63Favorite sport?
  • max_pinamontiHis favorite sport is crochet @megankelley63
  • _danny__v_If you can do it there do it worldwide think bigger bobby light
  • bigletWE NEED A SAFE SPOT SKATE SPOT HERE IN PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL!!! We don't have anything here
  • zacheisenhart@wade__collins lake havasu is in California
  • wade__collins@zacheisenhart I live in lake havasu and it's defiantly not California haha might wanna look at a map bud cause you just made yourself look pretty dumb
  • zacheisenhartHey if u live in lake Havasu u should know half of it is in California and California is the one funding the skatepark. That's pretty sad u live in lake Havasu and u don't know that
  • zacheisenhart@wade__collins
  • wade__collinsLake havasu city is in Arizona half the lake is in California but the whole towns in Arizona look at a map and California skate parks is a company that the town paid to build the park your making yourself look stupid bud I'd drop it if I were you your embarrassing yourself @zacheisenhart
  • wade__collins@zacg_03 @mitchell_kloewer checkout what this guy is arguing with me about lmao
  • mitchell_kloewer@zacheisenhart haha look at a map idiot 😂it's lake Havasu city ARIZONA LOL this is almost retarded
  • mitchell_kloewer@zacg_03 @you_wish_tyler @wade__collins haha look at how dumb @zacheisenhart sounds 😂Google it you idiot... Pretty sad that you live in Cali and don't know that. 😂 #embarrassing
  • biggcat007@abrohamsandwich
  • zacheisenhartEach of you should fuck ur selfs I bet you guys don't even skate @mitchell_kloewer @wade__collins
  • wade__collinsHaha you started it bud and watch your language and if your ever in havasu your in Arizona since you didn't know haha @zacheisenhart
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