I thought for sure these space helmets would catch on. :( #Sainthood
  • teganandsaraI thought for sure these space helmets would catch on. :( #Sainthood

  • grrgrr333اي
  • alisacinoYou guys are truly out of this world:)
  • jamesnotjamesThey did! I want one!
  • sgtpepper47Vests rock.
  • j919cWhat planet were you on?
  • dahliaqkmissin sainthood
  • melissa3timesHow i wish everyday i woulda discovered you guys from the first era all the way till today
  • nucleus346@teganandsara reminds me of teletubbies
  • mallcore_melissaSainthood is seriously the most underrated album in your collection.
  • abmeyers83I have been a huge fan since your 1st album & just saw you for the 1st time in Denver in August. I love you both too much!
  • jlowelaxI know this is a long shot, but I'm trying to win back my gf. Our first trip together I took her to see you guys in LA then when you guys came to Las Vegas I took her again and now you'll be back in Vegas on Thursday. I already have tickets, but I was wondering if I could get a signed cd or Tshirt for her. You guys have been her favorite band for years and years and I know it'd really help to win her back if she knew I got her something signed from you guys. She's my soulmate and I love her more than anything if there's anything you could do it would mean the world to me
  • ramenboxSexy aliens
  • party.johnnyBro, taking her to a show won't un-cheat on her
  • lowellwarrenThis has to be your next album cover @teganandsara
  • r.ded@nucleus346 Ya me too! They do. Haha.
  • whatgalaxiesThe should've caught on.
  • sarabarati37Wonder fully well
  • mahcisagoodboyi actually need one of those. i just realized i live a few doors down from a huge internet/cell tower. it would probably protect my brain a little bit from the radiation. mmm
  • ilovelouisfromonedI luv this pic
  • jfajardo09PICTURE DIAY ?<><
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