Damn. @parisandsimo are blowing up #awakening right now
  • exchangelaDamn. @parisandsimo are blowing up #awakening right now

  • nguy0231@lylylou lol
  • nancy_plurNo !! They were awful ! Worst set ever at exchange .. Hype to bullshit .. Kids need to do homework .. Not ready !'
  • notsoavgDamn @nancy_plur couldn't you live your plur and respect that they were up there? I hope you spin and you know how they feel. It's a bit scary sometimes. I spin and having a bad night out doesn't need a shout out on the promoters ig, plur for real doe...? Or at least a bit more subtle. Maybe one day you can blast me on Trancefams ig for something.. I wasn't there though 😢
  • nancy_plur@mrneal , well for them it was a bad night .. Come on .. They didn't look scared. Yes! I must state my piece because they want to hear ones comment on their experience. I do state when a DJ's are amazing .. The vibe was good. The music last night did not cut it! Speaking to people there .. Did say the same thing .. I will put you on blast either if you are amazing or awful! #realtalk
  • ardysingh@nancy_plur Unlike the previous response you received, I admire your courage to give an honest critique.
  • prissauveLmao @marinatotino do you see what @nancy_plur is saying about Paris&Simo... She knows shit all about music
  • nancy_plurStand from I heard ..
  • marinatotino@nancy_plur so you base your knowledge on what you hear? That's like saying you believe that there is an invisible man in the sky watching over everything you do. You haven't seen him, but someone told you he was there so you automatically assume it's true. Do you realize that Paris & Simo have played alongside World renowned DJ's such as Tiesto, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Hardwell and so many others? Not only have they opened for these producers, but they're supported by them. I know for a FACT, that they both work very hard every single day. I've seen in with my own eyes. So, without further or do, I recommend you to go and do your homework.
  • marinatotino@prissauve
  • prissauve@marinatotino 👏 now have a seat
  • nancy_plur@marinatotino , and like I said .. They sure did a awful set and wow .. Big deal who they played with. I'm not a groupie .. I heard them and I didn't like what I heard plus others that were there that night could agree. Just because the fans of these two DJ's are getting all butthurt because of one honest critic. O well! Not everyone is like your cup of tea. It's the real world. Different taste for different folks. Support who u like! Jump off your seat. Next time ! I know not to go see them. So you can have extra room to dance. I bet you would like that. 😉
  • marinatotino@nancy_plur I respect your opinion, maybe they didn't put on a great show for you but i can assure you that normally they're fantastic and very entertaining! We'll agree to disagree!
  • mrgottenbos@nancy_plur did you happen to catch a set downstairs?
  • mrgottenbos@shortcutmustdie well I know we threw it down there
  • notsoavg@nancy_plur a week later, but I read something today and YOU were the first thing that came to mind. http://edmmaniac.com/fan-with-terminal-cancer-spends-last-rave-at-escape-from-wonderland/
  • notsoavg@marinatotino 💛💙💜💚❤💖
  • nancy_plur@mrneal , I'm not going to even bother reading it .. Look !! I'm not going to repeat myself. Music was very different from then til now. It was a bad night .. My thoughts. I'm not suffering from cancer nor I'm not telling people not to go. Geez! Did I do an impact on you that I'm on your mind .. Really! I'm not a horrid person. I love the scene .. Been in since 95'
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