Home from Amsterdam enjoying a sunset and farm dinner with friends.
  • johngreenwritesbooksHome from Amsterdam enjoying a sunset and farm dinner with friends.

  • rogue_fangirlsI love how you love sunsets so much and you just have so much appreciation for everything and my friends and I talk about your books and share funny or beautiful quotes we find every day and I just love you so much you have absolutely no idea
  • aa_rc♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • julius1847looks great john :)
  • madyfrellickToday in class: My math data are numbers I cannot fathom into a scatter plot. #thefaultinmyworkethics
  • nieceeelThat's so beautiful, John.
  • andalin21I'm a bit too jelly :(
  • that_nerd_girl_👏👏👏 @madyfrellick
  • elihinzeThis is gorgeous. I must move to Indiana. *o*
  • kittyandcatsNo please just come back :(
  • thefaerierealmI heard something about you being at Butler University on October 29? Is that true! Im from Indianapolis, IN and if this is true, i will see you there!
  • bookconsumerYOUR BOOKS ARE BRILL :)
  • _surrendering_Beautiful!
  • aisatsanaAwww it's really over. 😞
  • esteluh_Come back to Holland :(
  • taziaciraI have just have had the absolute pleasure of reading you piece the Fault in our stars. It was absolutley brilliant and touching and overall fantabulous! You are an amazing writer and thank you for this story!:)
  • megan_burkinstyleIm going to Amsterdam tomorrow!
  • heidicalamityYou are my idol. I loved TFIOS :) I write books and poems too, though I want to be just like you one day @hwpoetry
  • bowlingforsoup101I want to go to Amsterdam sooo badly!!!
  • sophiexmazzelWhy did you go to Amsterdam in your book??
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