Security confiscated my books. #strangefire
  • markdriscollSecurity confiscated my books. #strangefire

  • andrewnielsonInteresting situation at the strange fire conference @groverted
  • grovertedI think what he did was great. Most other pastors don't have the balls to stand up to false teaching. @andrewnielson
  • instachuqCan't imagine JM showing up at a MHC conf handing out C-Chaos or other. Was all academic, but Mark has made it personal. Shamed the savior in that move.
  • stolefAs a pastor you have a high calling and many Christians look to you as an example. 'Crashing' the way he did doesn't seem like something a pastor should be flaunting.#poorjudgement
  • jonbeadlePeople can be too judgmental on what is truly Christlike. Driscoll did the bravest thing and engaged in discussion and prayer with attendants. People are too afraid of one another, including MacArthur.
  • emellingphoto@haack79 thanks for speaking up. Well said.
  • richtatumThey are clearly not amused. :)
  • ajgizzarelliGot rid of him with security because the teaching couldn't?
  • dansonlineHi Pastor Mark. One of the guys in your photo wrote you a letter. In your photo it's a real person's reputation that you unfairly threw under the bus.
  • guscruz305It is being said that Driscoll did not get his stuff confiscated, yes that means HE LIED! Jerk
  • leavened_joyhere is video showing what actually happened. Clearly, no books were confiscated and Mark Driscoll lied. Accountability is needed here for sure
  • dharealnoriegaThe only thin that I'm trying to figure out, is the similarity between "confiscated my books" and "take them as a gift to grace." I heard the video with @markdriscoll telling the security officers to keep them as a gift and now he twists it and says they confiscated the books? Why lie?
  • reformedmusicman
  • erickinho1bra@dharealnoriega I know. That really bothered me too
  • michaelostermanMark, I am a big fan of yours. But I watched the video and your books were not confiscated. You need to publicly apologize to the man in this photo whose reputation you maligned with your tweet if you are to regain your credibility.
  • cmcswee1Wait did everyone watch the same video? The security took(confiscated) his books and we going to give them back. They still confiscated them. Pastor Mark didn't want them back BECAUSE HE WROTE THEM! Lol people come on. He 'gave them as a gift' so that other people would have the books and hopefully read them. Otherwise he'd leave with all the books he was trying to pass out. They still originally confiscated them. Pastor Mark didn't lie at all.
  • koolaid4christCast the first stone.
  • koolaid4christPeople let it go. Move on. And love others. None of us our perfect so stop trying to pretend as he should be and put him in a place he has to do things this way.
  • mahtomedi_robertsjuliDriscoll is an atagonist, he stirs up strife wherever he goes and sows discchord , very sad individual
  • mahtomedi_robertsjuliSorry meant to say antagonist !
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