• kaiyulI am primarily a powerlifter. That being said, it's easy to forget how much physique meant to me when I first started this whole fitness journey. As a competitive powerlifter, although strength gains are important, I also focus a lot of my energy into maintaining and improving my physique.

    Making strength gains while staying lean IS possible. You already know what you want. You have the resources to learn what you need to know. Go out there and get it. Work hard, stay committed, never stop yearning to learn, and IT'S YOURS. Happy Friday, everyone!

    Lift hard. Be strong. Stay humble.

  • aayo.adeeYou should create meal plans and sell them.
  • kaiyul@livingforthepresent—I'd be down if I had a bigger audience.
  • kaiyul@boyen168 @hansonnguyen @livingforthepresent @johns_on @hijohnnyz—thank you guys!! 💪
  • kaiyul@yezhenhua @blogbeastryan—thank you! It means a lot. 💪
  • aayo.adeeI'm telling you, you should start a YouTube channel. You have to start some where right👍
  • kaiyul#BMOC #stackedstudent @bodybuildingcom
  • squatordeadlift@willieb2dope here is his page
  • walkthebluemoon@gujuche thiss
  • dly3Too swole man. Shred king
  • kaiyul@dly3—hopefully will get past this level in a couple months. 👌 You too bruh!
  • dly3Shredz photo shoot
  • reddy.bettyHi! Does someone write your meal plans? I'm trying to lean out whole still making gains, and I'm confused on where to start!
  • reddy.betty@kaiyul
  • kaiyul@reddydetty—I write my own meal plans. Generally speaking, it's all about caloric intake. Intake less than you're expending and you'll lose. Intake more, you'll gain. Additionally, a lot of it has to do with experimentation and how your individual body reacts to fats and carbs. Eat a high protein diet to build muscle, keep your calories in check, and you should be good to go! 👌
  • reddy.betty@kaiyul Thanks for taking the time to respond!!! Great advice!
  • baconboywonder@michelletrans
  • my_alarconNeeded this 🙌🙌🙌 I definitely want to make strength gains in my lifts while hopefully staying lean. Right now I'm slowly increasing my macros each week from the fat loss macros I've got from macrofit. Do you have any tips or advice for me? Thanks for your time man!😊👍👍
  • gmstafitMan thats totally what I want to achieve. Having the same goal as this! Words are on point! Now keep up the inspiration! @kaiyul
  • zeek.escMan... I love your physique! Do you do online coaching for strength and bodybuilding? Would love to train under you, primary for physique
  • rap5406Hodgetwins
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