Really nurtured those little caterpillars!
  • thealexboxReally nurtured those little caterpillars!

  • bonnebeaute_muaI'm growing mine out too! 😁
  • nerdsssLove you and your work so much.
  • jjjsmotherMe four
  • win_liuIt's the hardest thing to do to grow them out!
  • btreasonSome of us WISH we could grow caterpillars! :(
  • christinenatayaOmg you're amazing
  • rosiecheeks617😘
  • brianajazmineYou're so pretty 😊
  • ev.muaYour work inspires me so much your super talented. Hopefully one day im as good of a makeup artist like you are. I wish to follow in your footsteps xx
  • fonilomas@alleyani a ella tmbn la amo!! Quiero su pelooooo
  • virgolavirgenoooh sii, es una diosa! @fonilomas
  • trashkittenmakeupartI love love LOVE your work! I've been a fan of yours for years. I even held an Alex Box themed makeup contest on my Facebook. Don't usually do the fangirl thing but then I found you on here and I was all 😍 😍😍😍 haha xx
  • thealexbox@trashk1tten x!
  • browsbyshailaWould love to do your brows
  • weinihaileI served u cake the other day in blackheath , I hope u enjoyed ur amandine and ur work is unreal xxi was so hangovers thought I meet u before ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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