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  • cp3Come out to the Nike Vault for the next 10 days for the CP3.7 and @jumpman23 takeover!

  • moatazhabib_3I got that @cp3
  • philip_artwongI bought two pair of cp3 CIO
  • follow_k.liberatiOmg I have those like no joke!!! Your my idol and your the only reason I'm am still trying out in 8th grade cause I got cut in 7th because I've watched all if your documentrys on YouTube and if you read this it will mean everything like you don't even need to respond!!!
  • sevypay100I got the ones he had in hand the red they got some good ass grip for real
  • dk_00_3Those are super sick
  • follow_my_new_account_0kI have the cp3.7 I really do
  • jthejuiceman_What about him @madison_schrody
  • kianelyasharI have those shoes
  • mcmeeks_12I have them
  • svenorrHey Chris, we live in France, my daugther has been playing with cp3 shoes for 2years, now she wanted a new pair, and all she could find in nike store europe was kobe 9!!!!!!!!! what's up with that? good luck tonight! We r watching ! Go CLIPPERS!!
  • sausage_grinding101I'm getting those but the blue ones
  • _anthony_0305Chris could you please respond to my comment I have seen what u did for make a wish and all that and I would love to meet u and it seems like you believe in God and I do God has blessed you with a lot of talent
  • _anthony_0305@cp3
  • _anthony_0305I live in Kenosha Wisconsin and it Would be an honor to meet you
  • _anthony_0305@cp3
  • aid94jzhotI have those Chris Paul I love them
  • shanemulholland_8I have this ether awesome @cp3
  • the_patel_beastI've got those shoes!!
  • vitprikeSexy men
  • ams_boy17Come to new Iberia
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