Ok NOW same question.. 3songs and why?
  • waleOk NOW same question.. 3songs and why?

  • adamwolf26Both mixtapes are some of your best work...I wanna hear u get back to this! I dig ur newer stuff but these were about issues outside the hustle...The realness.
  • mo_better24Love attention deficit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dezthegodMan move that doe
  • moon_inebriation1. Friends&Strangers, because it told a real story.
  • moon_inebriation2.The Breakup, because I love the flow, && it definitely defined my breakup I had a couple years ago. Helped me get through that
  • moon_inebriation3. Of course, the INFAMOUS AMBITIOUS GIRL! Because that song is my grind song, when I'm omw to school/work I play that song over and over. I love puttin people on to that song, that's one of the most beautiful and relatable songs(or poems) you've written. When I first heard it it was like at a point when I thought being an anomoly was never going to allow me any love, if I don't have the big butt, the long blonde/red weave, actually wanting respect && to stand for something meant I'd never really meet a man that could understand & appreciate it, so when I heard it, it let me know there are people(men) who do respect && want that. So it motivated me to keep doing what I'm doing, I'm good!
  • glitchygeniusThe whole tape had purpose stop playin @wale
  • flyyychellyOmg love this!!
  • miloglizzyDowntown, the breakup, the friends and strangers
  • swizzy_starBreak up song cause it's true shit right there explained very well
  • akaway2colddThe soup the breeze and the nunber won
  • shanka_boysniceThe cloud because the acoustic sound the verses and the hook great body of work, the break up song, very relatable, and I can't decide between the soup or the trip downtown
  • rambondatbottomFriends and strangers, black n gold and the breeze, friends and strangers is one of your best songs to me I can relate bru, I like the vibe of black n gold and yu and wiz jus killed the breeze " I keep them bitches clean tho my sneaker game is messy"
  • ty_linz_products2014The War, The Breakup Song and The Problem!!!! My Fav is The War tho thats how I feel sometimes why are we at war? I love you Shy (Lool) sorry #PersonalShxt! But Wale your Dope The Album about Nothing you have to take it there Musically. Make sure these industry N.... don't mess around this Year!!! #Top3 New Dudes you, cole and K dot!!!!
  • marquisakarainnFriends And Strangers, The Breakup Song, and The MC cuz you showed pure emotion and feeling and the production was amazing ONE OF THE BEST MIXTAPES EVER KEEP PUSHING MY GUY CANT WAIT FOR THE ALBUM stay yourself and keep pushing and do you #Salute!!! @wale
  • majestic_jewelThe trip downtown, diary and the break up song #classics
  • jbzy70Lol none of these folks know about that old show :)
  • gocompanymusicBlk and Gld 》》》 THE Flight 》》》 THE War
  • gocompanymusicSays @gofreshgo
  • ayesha_4000#carebear #sharebear #limewire #lifeofthedame #imonitwithoutu
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