Worlds smallest loo
  • therealgokwanWorlds smallest loo

  • hernameisnkiI'd bet anything that's a Starbucks
  • sophievickressIt is like the size of my student bedroom haha
  • oliverforbesLove you Gok
  • fashu85Does anyone know why hes here in Belfast and where I can catch a we glimpse lol
  • emloco26@fashu85 he is signing his new cookbook in Easons in town at 12:30 😊
  • fashu85Today?? Aww no I start work at half 12
  • slc1207You could have gone to Belfast next week when I'm there 🙈
  • emloco26@fashu85 Yeah today. I only get lunch at 12:30. Gonna go but don't think il have enough time to wait to see him 😔
  • fashu85@emloco26 Awww im raging!! Thanks for letting me know, hope you get to see him :))
  • kazbosh1@gokwan hope to see you at the martial art show on sunday in coventry ;)
  • emloco26@fashu85 totally just met him lol 😳 he was so lovely.
  • fashu85@emloco26 awk atleast one of us did ehh lol
  • 1983sarfinMy loo is a lot smaller than that Gok
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