• tipsforjesus#tipsforjesus

  • mollym92That's wonderful! God bless to the humans with big hearts that are help other!!!! 🙏
  • cassferguson41on Chicago news!!
  • leah.2202yea!!! @_swish41_
  • pamalvinTESTIFY!!!! :-)
  • 3prcnt_1776TFJ, what you are doing is simply outstanding! I do security contracting and happen to work with the girl who received this tip. She is an extremely hard worker and I was so happy to hear that this happened to her! Doing the work that I do (bar/club security, contact security) we don't generally every get tips. I've seen videos on YouTube where these guys give unsuspecting servers large tips and I said to my partner that I work security with that it works be so cool for that to happen for one of our servers there at Boundary.....and then...HOLY COW! Lol! The power of the Lord is immeasurable, just as His steadfast love is immeasurable! Yes I would be silly to say that I wouldn't want someone to give me a tip like that. Heck I'm not even making it "quote" week to week on my pay check, so yes I'd love to receive a tip like that. But the type of work I do...well, not really in the cards. Lol. But that's alright. I as always have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ that it will be alright. And I know it will. I'm just so, so very happy for my co-worker! I tell ya I'm receiving joy in her getting that tip,I could only imagine the joy that "TFJ" must get from giving that love to others without wanting/getting anything in return, other then just the common service that they would as any ol' customer. That feeling must be incredible! I tell ya if you were to ask my friend and my partner in security they would tell you what I've said about situations like this, meaning that if I were rich/won the lottery or something I would love to travel around the country giving to people very much the same way "TFJ" has, only I would give not only to the servers but to those that normally don't receive tips as well. Non the less such an incredible act of love, caring, and a GREAT example of what would Jesus do! God Bless you "TFJ"! THANK YOU for your kindness!
  • ohio1989I second that...God bless you
  • bonitarosekYou are a gift to this world
  • mscuttie26Gid bless you for blessing others
  • cloud619@shannybonannyy did you hear about this?
  • zeni187Just like god and Jesus ! He's helpig And not looking for a reward!! DO GOOD TO OTHERS AND DONT EXPECT ANYTHING ON RETURN ! Or DO. GOOD NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE , black white asian ! God doesn't care what you look like ! What you have ! Where you come from! Or where you live! Or where you went to school at!! Something many of us need to put up in their daily activity @ tipsforjesus @
  • rondricWish god would bless my husband works two jobs papa johns and tiger taxi in auburn al
  • hopeoverexperience@rondric is a peasant. Quit begging. 😒
  • luxurycartelcouture@Rondric god has blessed your husband with two jobs and the health to do them he also gave him a heart to want to work them for you. Now you bless that man with your support woman!
  • stormyashleyThat's so awesome!!!! U must love the rush u get of making people's day! It's a great feeling I bet
  • neeroberts^^ You're ALL missing the point!!!
  • debboutwellGods blessings!
  • whimsypetitestylingAgree @neeroberts
  • sarahparks30God bless
  • gracelovesjesus33me encanta esta sonrisa y fue gracias a tu bondad :)
  • ak.hughesGods bleesings
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