Happy Friday.
  • fyxoHappy Friday.

  • fyxoNice basket @swigand
  • swigandWow...Memories! That basket was put to good use. Do you have that photo of my sidi's?
  • cycleexif@fyxo @swigand that was a good hole in the road.
  • fyxoYep @swigand you'll see it soon.
  • nickjapplebyThere's my bike!
  • znajuWhy don't you use shifting mechanism? It's so much better than the single speed.
  • fyxo@znaju better how?
  • cmdr_royIn soviet Russia bike rides you! Hence the need for gears.....
  • xskillyxSay Hi to the crazy lady who lives there!! 😁
  • znajuJust watching you and trying to understand why you do this.
  • lukepennell@znaju one with the bike/one with the road. With a fixed biked, your only real limitation is yourself
  • znaju@lukepennell and what are limitations when you may shift?
  • lukepennell@znaju it's really just a matter of preference. Gears, deraileurs, brakes...all things that add weight and can fail. The sheer simplicity is appealing to me. I've owned and will likely own more geared bikes, but I like how connected to my bike and the road I feel on my fixed bikes. The more important thing in my mind is just getting people riding, regardless of what style bike they ride.
  • vfrboy@inekeshack Terry inspiration
  • swigand@cycleexif how the hell are ya?!
  • cycleexif@swigand bloody good! Living the dream in Cronulla, making handplanes, writing about bikes and taking Suze on adventures whenever I can. Where are you now?
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