Almost time. #ufc166
  • touchyfiliAlmost time. #ufc166

  • fhw.iI'm a new fan!
  • megandemgainzCongratulations andre !! I knew You would do it!!!
  • shanwize@l_perroni yeah..
  • kmecum92Those knees wer nasty bro! Congrats! @touchyfili
  • mr_french_79Started from the bottom now u their haha working at El Dorado Hills target son remember those days!! Shit congrats bro u deserve it!! #fsu #fuckshitup
  • mr_muhammad916Good Shit On Your Win, And I Won A Pair Of Gloves You Signed Tonight Too aha
  • elin_retCongratulations 👏👊 Awesome fight 😊
  • cformoso89Congrats on the win bro. Beastin!
  • bukandar69Awesome fight
  • bukandar69How old r u ?
  • paulalaamaI just watched your match! (Yeaaa im late...) You were awesome! Congrats 😘👌!
  • ekim.iAhhh cant get enough of this fucking alpha pic bro! Youre going places! #TeamAlphaMale
  • sremm_life47Do u remember me I am barber mike son we should hangout
  • sremm_life47@touchyfili
  • marciezplaygroundProud of you! You always said you would do it.. Props!🙌 @touchyfili
  • micah81doc@touchyfili - amazing debut! You kicked ass just like you did @westcoastfighting !! #sacramento #teamalphamale @brandenware
  • patria1421Congratulations on your debut and win. I don't know if you remember me or not but I'm a friend of Urijah's I met you in July at the Alpha Male Afterparty and my husband bought everybody food after the after party.😂 This week is EB Awareness Week. EB is a really rare skin disease that my five year old daughter Bailey has. It's a blistering skin disease that causes her skin to blister very easily or to tear with any trauma. It's a life long condition with no cure or treatments that she has been fighting since birth. Last year we had people post pictures putting their best fight face on and holding up their fists to show Bailey their support and spread awareness of this horrible disease. I thought who better to help her fight her condition than professional fighters. She's an amazing little fighter herself. She adores Urijah and cheers on all the Alpha Male guys along with me and her daddy. If you post a picture for her it will help us spread even more awareness for her rare disease. We are using the hashtags #ebawarenessweek #epidermolysisbullosaawareness And #fightforbailey Thanks for your time. Good luck on all your future fights we will be cheering you on from Tennessee. 😊 @touchyfili
  • robcon770@touchyfili #Warrior!
  • alwayswrightt🙊😍❤️
  • mintycintyI'd say 11/10
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