Beautiful night out in the city! #iamtorrid #holidaypreview
  • torridfashionBeautiful night out in the city! #iamtorrid #holidaypreview

  • curvenvyAww thanks guys! Had a ball!!
  • iammegannicole@torridfashion I JUST HAVE TO SAY THANK YOU!!! I received my first Torrid order in the mail today and I am on CLOUD 9 with excitement!!! I have really struggled with finding clothes that show my curves but not the rolls and you guys delivered with FLYING COLOURS!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it's been a LONG time that I have felt like a million bucks walking out the door!!!
  • iammegannicoleI also have to thank @tessmunster for introducing me to to Torrid via her Instragram!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
  • ontheqtrainI had such a wonderful time. Thank you so much for capturing this gorgeous photo ;-)
  • abonovech@mazeltovmk lmao , I'd feel awkward to have a random on my pic having a separate full blown convo.. Omg we should do it ! Lol make it intense and shit
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