Things are about to get real..real next level..real uncomfortable #BBros #fantasyfactory
  • robdyrdekThings are about to get real..real next level..real uncomfortable #BBros #fantasyfactory

  • clairepeep@eksshay I die inside because I love them so so so much
  • aden_grubbLike forrell bb had lost a lot ove whate
  • bubblebuttslutThere he is💖
  • thecammanfilmsBig black!!!
  • skater1979Two of my favorite people in the world
  • colby_m_careyDo work
  • oso_ak47boyzWhat happen to him rob make same more show with that vato
  • josiehm1974Loved your show!;)
  • gymrat_jamisonI drove all the way from chicago to cali to fullfill a fantasy by finding the fantasy factory
  • beardnation42Dear rob i been watching your show for awhile. I see you make people. Fantasy. Come true im a 70 tall security gaurd get miss treated at my job in Niagara falls ny i was always try to walk in big back shoe he my inspiration. Becuse big people get mistreated in a day to day work place. This. One thing will help because this past fathers day my mom past from cancers. And ever since. Then. I wish i can find the proper way to start a business on my own . Mr rob d and big black. Yall are some great motivation heroes. Thanks you
  • larrys_satan08bros for life!
  • liftlikeamother@12bgomez grace and cooper!!!
  • matt.lantzYou should get a shirt that say LW for Little White and take a pic with BB
  • its_brittney_biittcchhLove you guys 💕😘😊💜
  • ebonysirgunasWatching 'rob&big' now, love u guys heaps :3 xx
  • p3rfect__imperfectionI watch u all the time
  • p3rfect__imperfectionWell I watch ur shows all the time. I am not a stalker. Lol
  • hippie.flamezzxxGot to meet yall
  • miss_t_01Love this..
  • ktmcg3Reminds me of the dc movie
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