Learning to read Tarot cards. #freepeople #tarot #tarotcards #thewildunknown #jewelry
  • freepeopleLearning to read Tarot cards. #freepeople #tarot #tarotcards #thewildunknown #jewelry

  • xoxo_aleksandra<33333 @hannahchoww
  • burninginkellI'm amused by religious people offended by this, white girls playing with tarot cards, who aren't offended by @freepeople using sweat shops. #priorities
  • geminyneLove the rings
  • samanthaosio@leonwinkler respondeme
  • vanessaraemayer😕😭
  • kristydeephotoI would love to learn tarot!
  • keekoeSad day and age where the overwhelming majority of major clothing companies use sweats shops. It's also a sad struggle that the people working in these sweat shops are grateful for the jobs they have and the people who don't have them would kill to have it. What we see in America as "sweat shops" a person in another country sees as a blessing. We see sad commercials with Coldplay playing in the background speaking of this evil and it is one Of the only means for people to get food for their families as opposed to graver means (prostitution, selling children, ect.) Basically the world is corrupt and backwards and it all starts because people of the evil that is in the world, satan and his "cool trends" as in reading tarot cards. @kelliemorganmcclure
  • keekoeIn America if you don't have a job that provides health insurance, 2 weeks paid holiday and a Christmas party a lot if people consider it a horrible job, "sweat shop" the west needs to get its #priorities right. We cannot except a third world country to the same standard that we have as a first world country. That is an unfair thing to do.
  • pho_to_gr4phyI agree with you @keekoe free people uses sweat shops in india but at the same time most of their clothes are inspired by Indian culture. Confusing
  • pho_to_gr4phyWell some might say they put their factories in India because the workers will know what they're doing, bc indian workers /
  • pho_to_gr4phyCraftspeople are extremely talented & FP's clothes are extremely detailed but still
  • ilana_dannyWhere can I buy tarot cards ?? Someone tag me in an answer please !!!! :)
  • gypsyspice_God this is so beyond pretentious and ignorant. I'm sure the person "learning" knows nothing about its European origin or application but merely hopes to appear so for the sake of some lame western trend
  • woodworker47This is something we should all stay away from
  • _mlmp_@ilana_danny Barnes & Noble. That's where I got mine :)
  • lovelygiraffeWhich deck is this??
  • chadiekat@gabbby_h i love you
  • ms_melissa_may@the_wild_unknown a blessing of a deck. I thank my stars daily for them
  • madame_jadore@lordxm
  • mrf93@deurrutia #barco #pitonisa #yop
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