It's the #LCLaurenConrad #necklace that completes today's outfit. #jewelry #shine #Kohls
  • kohlsIt's the #LCLaurenConrad #necklace that completes today's outfit. #jewelry #shine #Kohls

  • lmsims65I am not seeing blouse online???
  • angchengI have that shirt! I wear it all the time-- love it!
  • cingonzalezu@islandgurlee 👍👍
  • kohls@lmiller65 We will check into this for you and get back to you soon!
  • belladisaster@kohls I've been trying to shop for 2 days online everything is outta inventory or it says missing info? Is ur website down?
  • belladisaster@kohls My kohls cash is expiring today and I wanted to use it!
  • kohlsHi @belladisaster, sorry to hear you have been experiencing issues with our site. Can you give us some details on what items you are searching for? We will look into this for you.
  • kohls@lmiller65 Hello! The LC blouse pictured is now sold out online. However, we have similar items available from her collection: We especially love her rosette tee that's on sale for $8! - just search "93630520" to view it
  • eikamberrDo you know if the manteca, ca store?
  • eikamberrOps I mean do you know if the manteca, ca store carries it?
  • kohls@eikamberr We called your store! The necklace is currently not on the shelf but they just received a new shipment of Lauren Conrad products so they could be unpacking it this week. So! You can check the store or purchase online. Hope that helps!
  • lmsims65@kohls Are they carrying the blouse still in stores?
  • schamellaYay for new Lauren Conrad!
  • belladisaster@kohls I was looking at the LC collection, and every last thing I tried to buy said unavailable. So I then went to try other brands to see, and they said the same thing. Kinda weird!
  • kohls@belladisaster Hmm very weird indeed! Please try using a different internet browser and let us know if the problem persists. Hopefully it will be working smoothly for you soon!
  • eikamberrThank you!
  • live_love_laugh_freshyIs the necklace all one piece? And what's the web id for the necklace? @kohls
  • kohlsThe necklace is all one piece @live_love_laugh_freshy Lauren is layering it in the photo - we love that look! The Web ID is 94593470. Please let us know if you need anything else!
  • sheila4owlsI saw that necklace on the store on Tuesday.
  • sheila4owls* in
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