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  • reviewjournalWin tickets to @lifeisbeautiful! Tag pics of what's beautiful in your life with #myLiB and @reviewjournal. Watch the vid for more details.

  • hippie_crypteYour "fine print" post still doesn't clearly explain that only one photo with the most likes can win. You guys are a newspaper. You're expected to inform correctly... You should have said something more like "The top five photos with the most likes win a pair of tickets" not "The pics with the most likes win". I could have easily focused my energy on one photo. I've been posting since the first day.
  • lullabies@kinski_assassin the video says "the pics with the most likes wins" so I think it was clear. I was confused too because it said the more pics you post the more chances you have but I think LVRJ was just trying to raise awareness in the contest and hashtags. I was confused too so I asked and only then did I (and we all) find out there will be 5 winners.
  • hippie_crypteExactly. The fact that we didn't know there were five winners made it confusing @lullabies. That's why the plural pics had me posting and posting over and over instead of focusing my energy on just one photo like you guys. I would have much rather done that and had all my followers like just one post instead of spamming them over the course of 5 days. I could have easily gotten to the top five. Now it's just too late... I've been posting since the first day. /:
  • dawnohvin23WOOHOO!!!!! It's 5 'O Clock!!!!!! =D
  • reviewjournalWe have our winners! @lehxoxo @donnyjbroski23 @llegate @obie1_ @lullabies email your full name, email address and phone number to social@reviewjournal.com by 9 a.m. tomorrow (Oct. 24) to reserve your tickets.
  • reviewjournalThanks everyone for your participation! Watch for more contests in the near future. #myLiB
  • llegateTHANK YOU @reviewjournal !!! You made my year!! Email being sent shortly!!
  • llegateCongrats to the rest of the winners too!
  • reviewjournal@llegate glad to hear it (:
  • dawnohvin23THANK YOU!!!! I Can'T WAIT!!!!!! @lehxoxo and @llegate we're giving me a run for my LIKES! Haha CONGRATS EVERYONE!
  • obie1_@reviewjournal thanks congrats to all the winners. Should be an awesome time 😀😀
  • hippie_crypte:(
  • hippie_crypteI had over a thousand likes accumulated telling my friends to like ALL my posts. I might just take my story to the Sun...
  • markeortega@reviewjournal How did Obie win? I had more likes than him...
  • reviewjournal@markeortega what's your email?
  • lullabiesThank you!!! I'm too thankful for this. See you winners there #letscelebrate!
  • lullabiesWill we get an email back on how to retrieve them and whatnot?
  • reviewjournal@lullabies Look for an email tomorrow with details.
  • markeortega@reviewjournal Will I get an email tomorrow? #Thanks
  • reviewjournal@markeortega Yep!
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