Steve Nash and Coach D'Antoni chat after @Lakers practice in Shanghai. #NBAGlobalGames
  • nbaSteve Nash and Coach D'Antoni chat after @Lakers practice in Shanghai. #NBAGlobalGames

  • grey_james_wilsonHow da hell did dantoni get that head coaching job?... We're never going to win a championship with him as head coach. Cuz all the those years he was at Phoenix they didn't win shit. Oh excuse me they made it to the playoffs. An then he goes to NY an they make it to the playoffs his first year. Melo didn't want him as his head coach an he told the GM that so instead of firing him he left. Then shows up on the Lakers door step WTF?? That man know nothing about defense just offense. D12 didn't leave cuz of Kobe an left cuz of dantoni an that stupid ass offense that he runs. They shouldn't gave the head coaching job to Brian Shaw he's been there for years wit Phil Jackson an knows the team and the type of offense they need to run... Watch if we don't make to the finals this year fans are going to be calling for dantoni's head on a stick!.. Mark my words... This is BS go Kobe! FOH dantoni
  • jzee_235This picture brings back memories.
  • jrsvxNash deserves a ring smh
  • jhlsm💜✨💜✨
  • papanamelessI couldn't have said it better myself @phil_will84
  • rizqyabdrrhmn@phil_will84 hee! ngomong opo kon iku
  • devhour3dThey're in a deep conversation.... discussing how to lose.
  • estevaoonoI miss the 6 secs-or-less in PHX Suns days.
  • 40_caliNash does deserve one!!!!
  • bubbady@40_cali Nobody deserves shit
  • genethegeneusKeep healin up!
  • shyao99老纳,你脚盆子拿错了,24的
  • fernando_pascualConversaciones históricas, cuando te conviertes en un jugador elite, tu entrenador no es tu jefe, sino tu mano derecha... @jaime_tom y @wanderluperon24
  • paultheitalianstallion@necktieninja
  • brentchung@paultheitalianstallion lol what
  • gglorydays大保健去了要
  • jaime_tom😌😌😌 @fernan2pascual @wanderluperon24
  • weezy193没敲个背??
  • darcydillon01Which is older
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