THIS, my friends, is how MEN eat
  • joeroganTHIS, my friends, is how MEN eat

  • 00hmzAnd now, WE DINE!
  • dane_schneemannAt a dainty table with pretty cups?
  • istaytrippynycIm a vegatarian but Im not opposed to eating meat, humans have ate meat and survived soley because of meat before we starting farming. My thing is that unless I kill it and know its clean and real, I wont eat it.
  • redbeardgreenworld@istaytrippynyc I'm a vegetarian too and I completely agree! Wish there were more vegetarians like us out there, more respect.
  • all_hail_kaiser@istaytrippynyc real shit!
  • fulsittareLol @seeshapps
  • bobyar@istaytrippynyc Do you maintain the same standards with what you do eat?
  • igotswood@istaytrippynyc I'm the same way but I'm trying to be vegan. Getting chickens in the spring for eggs and hunting this month for venison.
  • ryanbittHell yeah! Can't wait to see your performance in Houston on Friday!
  • truckin24Powerful sizzler
  • truckin24Powerful sizzler
  • nhadley13Every time you hear that beautiful sizzle some where out there a vegan is crying..
  • jonmuckymuckIf u take away the meat, it actually looks more like a chicks perfect dinner. My gf would be stoked to be there. Just saying.
  • daniel_n_johanssonThe purpose of vegetarian traits or meateater traits are rooted in biology, not politics. Homo Sapiens (Humans) are not planteaters (herbivore) nor are they meateaters (carnivore). The intention of this biological terminology is to describe the nutritional preferance of a particular species, not because of its free choise, but because of its internal metabolical preset. Meaning: What a particular spiecies inner organs are able to break down in order to uphold optimal health. A tiger doesn't choose meat, an antilope doesn't choose plants. It's simply what this particular speicies need to uphold optimal health. Humans (Homo Sapiens) fall under the category for Omnivorae (Alleater) speicies, meaning that the metabolical system and internal organs of all human beings are preset for eating a little bit of meat, a little bit of plants and a little bit of minerals in order to uphold optimal health. Other omnivorae animals are f.i pigs (including female pigs). To say that food is a political choise a human has to make for either "the meat team" or "the plant team" is oversimplification, denial of science and ultimately an attack on nutritional health for all humans.
  • dane_schneemanntldr
  • blueskin75Looks good except that pint of piss you got there u dirty bitches!! Lol
  • daniel_n_johansson@darksidechoes Yeah I'm sorry, wrote it in a hurry, Can't belive I got the highest grade in english, but try to fucus on the context than the spelling.😄
  • sirlordulrich@daniel_n_johansson you spelt beileve wrong ur essay sucked @joeroganexperience is just havin a good time
  • flamingferreti agree with @vkigrac, way too many humans. lets start eating the weak, starting with @vkigrac. start eating grass bitch
  • daniel_n_johansson@darksidechoes hehe no the highest grade was pretty darn exact.
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