Studded #Leggings, starting at $7.99! A must-buy. #burlingtonstyle
  • burlingtonstyleStudded #Leggings, starting at $7.99! A must-buy. #burlingtonstyle

  • ahoff_Um, madam are our houses and air planes ready?👍Just give me a call when they are ready they nomally don't take this long to get ready but i giess it's because i got all the seats redone and the outside of it that says Burlington Brag About It!👍
  • ahoff_@chloeharwood_2
  • ahoff_*guess
  • ahoff_😂😂😂Theu better answer and get my planes in good condition beacsue i am not going to brag about them if they aren't in the rigt condition!I am very very very very very very very VERY spedific about my airplanes!Oh and make sure that my airplanes dont make any noises except for twinkle noises or i just can't buy those!Nohoho!😂 @chloeharwood_2
  • ahoff_Yea it needs to have polks dot seats with a cheveron background and it needs to say burlington brag about it!And i cant even go into the houses because there is so much stuff but yall have the list that says the stuff,my great gret great great grandfather took his time to sign it so it has to meet my standards!👍😬if it doesnt then it will be 4 strikes and u will be comepletely OUT!Oh and i lost my form about Burlington Fine Arts School Of Airplanes so i might need another one because that is the only college that i am allowed to go to!😂👍 @chloeharwood_2
  • ahoff_Oh yes better get those printed out and i mean fast!I mean fast.I mean fast like lightening!😂👍😏⚡️⚡️
  • ahoff_@chloeharwood_2
  • ahoff_Oooooooooo!That means they have to start playing the pop song the whole time we are in the store!😂⚡️👍 @chloeharwood_2
  • ahoff_Ohh yes that is a must have!😂We will see if they do it tomorrow!😂 @chloeharwood_2
  • ahoff_Yea that will work great!😂😋 @chloeharwood_2
  • ahoff_Ohh yes me too!😂⚡️👍 @chloeharwood_2
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