Approaching 2 million signatures and still counting. Remarkable response. Next stop, Washington, D.C. #ComeTogether
  • starbucksApproaching 2 million signatures and still counting. Remarkable response. Next stop, Washington, D.C. #ComeTogether

  • kharbauerWhat is it for?
  • jazzyminexoxo@mrshellokitty83 really? I didn't know this. Do they have the appropriate sign to restrict carry concealed weapons? Because I know there is only 1 sign that is valid by law. Any others doesn't matter.
  • loreaidanSi hacemos una petición así para que vengan a instalarse a Venezuela? @starbucks
  • that1nursingstudentAbout the whole concealed weapons request, as a barista at Starbucks I was well informed by my manager on this. The only thing that the statement has done is make it known that Howard is asking that people not bring concealed weapons to the store. However it is NOT a restriction. We will not refuse service, we will not tell you to leave. It was a request and nothing more.
  • renad_369@renad_369
  • mr.smiths_wife@smilejazz it was all over the news!
  • jazzyminexoxo@mrshellokitty83 interesting. Thanks for the notice
  • kateekissanePetition we signed lol @claireebletsas
  • clairebletsGO GOV @kateekissane
  • ash_evans7Wats the petition about?
  • science____isthewayIs this a repeal the 2nd amendment petition?
  • rpa_futureWish I had it
  • science____isthewayI would never want to repeal the 2nd amendment. Why do you think I want to? @peytonmcm
  • litdaddyvalEleanor dat you
  • litdaddyvalEleanor dat juuuu
  • muddysouthernGuys, this is just a step in order to create a safer environment for the employees. Starbucks will not refuse service, they just request (for the safety if others) that you refrain from bringing any weapons into their business.
  • yanna222One of those is my signature😊
  • aproyaloakAny weapons? That includes your own fists? You can kill somebody with your fists.... XD
  • chaseemartinn@aproyaloak don't be dumb...
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