Big week for Max! Braces off and she got the role of "Annie" in the school musical! #proudmama #Annie
  • heatherdubrowBig week for Max! Braces off and she got the role of "Annie" in the school musical! #proudmama #Annie

  • carolelewiskentSo proud of you Maxie B! Xoxo
  • daisysorensen@heatherdubrow congrats Max your smile is gorgeous😃, good luck on your Annie role I'm sure you'll do great if your anything like your mother you'll be a star in no time 🌟💫!!! Great job!! Best of luck to ya!! 😉👍
  • sarahscohen4What a beautiful picture! So excited to see you as Annie! Amazing!!!! Xx @lambygirl24 @heatherdubrow
  • jackhbhRespectable "grown" adults don't cuss at children. Becca stop commenting, you can't get a point across to childish adults. And to the lovely lady who tagged me in her comment. My comment never was to you so why don't you stop trying to drag me into your attack on a little girl. My apologies to Heather and all the others who had to read these negative comments.
  • bluesugargooCongratulations Max. It will be sooooo much fun!! Annie is my favorite. My daughter played the role of Annie in 8th grade and it was a very special time.
  • kerszyJust like her mama! Congratulations
  • littlegirlchicagoWay to go girl♥
  • auntsurfingbball i have to say to all those people who are bickering......."It's A Hard knock life" ha ha stop.
  •'s not about you! It's about a young lady getting her braces off and a role in a play.
  • auntsurfingbbyou go "Max"!
  • okimjusttrace🌸Just Gorgeous...Congratulations to your talented daughter. I hope she doesn't read the negative crap that these silly people write to you @heatherdubrow xx
  • laura_mom_attyCheck out Orange County school for the arts! My daughter attends and it is absolutely fantastic if you have a theater kid!
  • amoscookiesShes so pretty!
  • labellaluna13Congratulations!!
  • instagrammie53The sun will come out tomorrow..
  • leslie_apI see her dad in her sooo cute..
  • refined_designs_boutiqueI cherish those proud mama moments also. They grow up too fast.
  • beccashawShe looks beautiful! And omg! That's amazing! Can't wait to hear her sing to us in a few weeks! :)
  • tarapakostaActress like her mama!
  • 19raerae69@drdubrow @heatherdubrow, time to start blocking people.
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