First in line at the first date of The Self-Titled Tour! @rachelking8 @sarahgimlin @spookysydney and Stteffany #paratour
  • paramoreFirst in line at the first date of The Self-Titled Tour! @rachelking8 @sarahgimlin @spookysydney and Stteffany #paratour

  • guapcmSee ya in November!
  • greenwood.kmI've been wanting to see you since 7th grade. I'm now a junior. I wanna see you so bad on the 11th! But my mom won't let me go because she's out f town and doesn't trust I can drive 2 hours to see my freaking inspirations and spirit animals. So I just had a mental breakdown for 3 hours. I love you ❤️
  • brianna.nicolel@mmeeggaann____ nooooooooo!! :(
  • xcaseyjrx@hamroast maybe they will post us next weekend
  • drummingkittens@weinbug OMIGOD. I've also been wanting to see them since the 7th grade, I'm also a junior, and I'm going to that same concert. What if were long lost twins?
  • dancetildawnnnthey look relatively calm for girls who are first in line... haha
  • ligovoЗадроты
  • aimee_lynn14Luckyyyyy
  • queenbail@xcaseyjrx heck yeah!
  • innerriot@yelyahwilliams I was first in line at the munich show but couldn't even make it to the second row because of aaaall the meet and greet guys, which was very disappointing :( I love you, and I love paramore, but maybe those thing could be organized a little better for the people waiting in the cold for hours and hours? ♥♥♥
  • mernany@damn_reason a part of winning that opportunity is winning other perks as well such as getting to GA early. It's awesome that you got there early to try to be close and im sorry you couldn't get closer.. :(
  • love.pmoreI tried to came in the first line, but at the fifth they didnt let me
  • eric.sI was in first line in Paris. A lot of time in the queue and a high running at the opening haha but I got it, and it was worth fighting for!! 😁 [][][]
  • franklin_lessaWow
  • poeticj44Can anyone answer me this who went to their concert? Pwease. Paramore is going to be the first band I see live and I wanted to know if they let you take a place in the front if you get there early?? Or do you have to go to the seat # on your ticket??
  • c_alimakI'm envy you. I want that show in Wroclaw, Poland...
  • poeticj44@moemartinez nope /:
  • poeticj44@moemartinez aww ok x( well thanks for answering. I'm still excited woo!!!
  • ais_.mediaالدبه جايه غلط
  • mirandaeliot@rachelking8 @sarahgimlin @spookysydney how early did you have to get there to be first in line?
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