Looking up at the Chrysler Building in NYC with LJ & Ben.
  • glennbeckLooking up at the Chrysler Building in NYC with LJ & Ben.

  • kristinamcpherson@benzfam
  • jlagunas04Tell her to simply do research on obamacare not just like listen to what ever her superiors tell her. Many people are puppets they simple just pass along what they here. If someone tells them its good they think its good. Once u do ur own research from multiple sources u will see for urself how bad it really is. Same goes for alot of other stuff likr GMO's for example. @nissabook
  • writerepublicDo your own research on ObamaCare, and know your facts so you can counterract her teachings with the truth. The bwst way to fight liars ia with the truth, so make sure you do research so you can back yourself up. @nissabook
  • mandoalvarezLet me recommend the writings of Dr. Thomas Sowell. Google "Thomas Sowell on Obamacare" and read up. I don't know anyone who puts things in a simple, common sense manner better than Sowell. Arm yourself with the facts. There is no way any emotional argument can beat the facts. In fact, read anything by Thomas Sowell. @nissabook
  • georgelsawyer@nissabook ←is one of ours!! I think it is awesome that you care and know what is right and wrong. I tip my hat to you
  • mandoalvarez@mae_deum1106 haha! I love that story!
  • alisynowenWhy don't I ever see my friend Mark in your photo posts
  • mcphersonsixMost expensive tour guide in NYC.
  • jwchancey@nissabook keep lookin up !!
  • martha_craig_gillespieI love it when tell us history of different monuments and statues. I wish he would write a book on the junket.
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