I had @rileyburruss hanging out at the after party for The TLC movie premier. #dontjudgeme
  • kandiI had @rileyburruss hanging out at the after party for The TLC movie premier. #dontjudgeme

  • angel5162Kandi i applau u fir bieng such a wonderful mother nd buisness woman.I know your gonna always keep doing your thang reguardless of other ppl opinions because at the of the day its yours that really matters.Real talk :)
  • true_90s_kid@misterr_nice_guy no she wasn't, she only did one song on that album which was No Scrubs and it was Co written with Tiny
  • treew3Wow @rileyburruss is growing up!
  • rayraydaqueenbShe looks tired....awwww....shoulda took me! Jk
  • family_first426Riley looks more like you as she matures.
  • misterr_nice_guyI fail to believe that @true_90s_kid, but thank you for your input. Besides, I've already researched the back story on the album Fan Mail.
  • smileofjoysPriceless!!!! Love it
  • true_90s_kid@misterr_nice_guy Kandi wasn't the (go to) songwriter she is now back during that time. She wrote No Scrubs for herself, but LA Reid heard it and asked if TLC could record it. That song along with Destinys Child Bills Bills Bills put her on the map as a hit song writer. Thats when she became in demand to write for Whitney, Mariah, Nsync, Pink, etc...
  • tiinkk_Did u have fun
  • misterr_nice_guyOkay @true_90s_kid. Not to be rude, but you are on one of Kandi's Instagram photos talking about this. It sounds like your hating on her success, which this is not the appropriate outlet to do that on. I'll just simply say "okay" so we can keep it moving.
  • snownur4castTwins!😍
  • plectrist@true_90s_kid FYI Kandi was the first African-American woman to win ASCAP's songwriter of the year....Tiny wasn't
  • true_90s_kid@misterr_nice_guy i am not being a hater. Dont know how u even got that vibe from my comments. You stated that Kandi was the brain child behind the album FanMail. All i did was nicely correct you and offer you additional information about Kandi as a songwriter. #DallasAustin was the brain child behind FanMail. Kandi was the brainchild behind No Scrubs which was a song on the album. I dont understand how that comes off as hating. Im giving her props while giving Dallas his props too. Smh.
  • luvnlife43Do ur thing Kandi
  • kb.angelSo important - mommy/daughter love
  • britishgyrlLove this pic Kandi ! Enjoy her.
  • 500daysofsamarCute pic
  • mztdadivaNice mother daughter pic
  • awitt1104You have always been so gorgeous
  • tbiancadoesitbestHold her now she will be grown in the blink of an eye
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