I spy something sweet. Pricing just announced for #VAIOFlip!
  • sonyI spy something sweet. Pricing just announced for #VAIOFlip!

  • ryans_eyeOh yeah because that's what everyone wants!!! Did you not learn anything from dell!?!? People don't want this! Spend time looking at what people want rather than a board room full of people that copy failing companies!
  • ryans_eye@roan3008 what handset did iphone copy exactly you idiot!?
  • ryans_eye@mamudoon I am a consumer you idiot!! And consumers don't want this sort of thing!..... Also, this is social media, there for you are going to get both sides! Surrounded by idiots!!!!
  • p.m.p.yYou apparently speak for all consumers? Idiots on each side is right. :smirk: @rsmphotography
  • salt1886562#VAIO I have a 2010 black #VAIO
  • samiwar@sony when will the gaming edition laptops will be coming out?
  • henal_pI want this
  • ryans_eye@roan3008 some of us don't need google because we already know the answer you thick *#%*...... So please share with everyone, what Sony phone did Apple copy???
  • mantri3For me to know,for u to find out.. may i know how old are u? Act likka kid...ohya...by the way imma kid..tsktsk adult should show good example to kid @rsmphotography
  • ryans_eyeAnd there it is!!! Yet another idiot talking about something he knows nothing about!!! @roan3008 next time you speak on a subject, it's best to have at least 1% of knowledge about it. Now run along you cretin.
  • meetch.c@rsmphotography hey...stop quarrelling....you dunnid to call each other idiot..
  • ow3nburk3😱look at that thing😱
  • vollkorntoastbrotyUUUUHHHHH SO BEAUTYFUL
  • sony@shreya3112 starting price is just over $1,000 and you can find all of those details at Store.Sony.Com.
  • vic__da_godThe #Ntrig technology still doesn't support #adobe software? #photoshop?
  • vic__da_godIf it does I would buy it over the #SurfacePro2 with it's #wacomDigitizer technology
  • rannd_@sony why i cannot find this in saudi arabia
  • alinaceusanCute refflexions
  • atikahiskandar_@hitamoren tengok lah ni. meltingggg
  • mierahalidCool habes @ikahiskandar oii
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