This never gets old.. And it always makes you wonder! Freshy from @awsmbrand
  • torsteinhorgmoThis never gets old.. And it always makes you wonder! Freshy from @awsmbrand

  • mathiasbolivarMed***
  • old_account____________1.1Haha
  • bobsy852Wish i could buy this Merch in the UK @torsteinhorgmo
  • tkrunner1738Special delivery
  • jackson_nyeWait till Linda sees this shit... She's gonna break up with her boyfriend for sure
  • robertokWhat is it!? What is it?! What is it!?
  • _robg_1Torstein how did you start your career as a pro and what started it ??? @torsteinhorgmo
  • ryo_kobaawsm is awesome😎
  • emdescenhey babe 😉
  • ryan_beaty87What was it @torsteinhorgmo ?
  • jaakko_hakolaI'll be stalkin behind your door from now on...
  • collin_suterWhat is it?¿?
  • frogomufinhello there :):)
  • 1_mason_1Can you please make more videos soon
  • gnomeinthegardenThere is an article that talks about how he started snowboarding. He was after ruble soccer player so took up snowboarding don't know how he went pro. I think it was a triple or quad that put him in the pros not sure
  • gnomeinthegardenA terrible soccer player
  • gnomeinthegardenHe didn't land on his head turning a triple or quad and went instant pro with a fractured rib and runny nose
  • ishredalldayThat looks like heaven to me
  • adamenglishmkvyou probably wont read this but @torsteinhorgmo I am a 17 year old from Canada trying to make my dream of being a pro boarder. you probly remember that too, do you think you could help me out and maby send some AWSM 2xl tees my way, or some stickers i love that stuff and would totally represent it at my local resort. Hopefully ill see you at x games and compete against you soon dawg. if you read this whole thing then thanks you made my day. ill shoot my mail adress if you want to help me out just reply
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