Hanging with Mao today...she is the cutest ever. Love her #maoasada
  • taralipinskiHanging with Mao today...she is the cutest ever. Love her #maoasada

  • debs876Yay Detroit!
  • szkaaaaa530She looks up to you, she said.:) I 'm glad to see that she could meet you!!
  • severinagatto@taralipinski would be my dream to skate with you
  • amylaserYay Detroit :) !!! how long are you in Detroit for??
  • pippochan126Mao(੭ु ˃̶͈̀ ω ˂̶͈́)੭ु⁾⁾♡
  • buchu_no_nTara&Mao😍💘cute💕lovely💖pretty💞
  • daveleaseI was not informed that this was going down.
  • clitterclubAww never thought I would miss rink C until now haha
  • toshiko_unoso cute💖💞💖
  • paysonwcwOmg.... So luck that you can meet her! I always wish that i can able to meet her!!!
  • e_valverde16Ahhh!! Mao!! The next olympic champion!! Two queens in the rink:)
  • karola_skalove u!!! i am ur fan!!!!
  • psmack2116I remember when you were there during one of our hockey practices watching before you skated and our coach gave us so much crap because we were paying more attention to you instead of our drills!
  • sasisalLoving the @taralipinski championship banners that are still all over the rink! You're still my all time favorite.
  • yukio0910I Love Mao ♪\(^o^)/
  • ecchan0908Mao! Beautiful Skater!
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