What's this? #gardening #help
  • merrypadWhat's this? #gardening #help

  • erinmakesstuffI'm trying to look it up... Could it be Moon flower?
  • merrypad@erinmakesstuff Maybe? Was found in a garden. Most of the spiky round bulbs had opened and dried, leaving hundreds of seeds, so I took some.
  • mrcoveringsIt is Datura - Jimson weed, angel trumpet, thorn apple. This plant has hallucinogenic properties and is very poisonous so be careful where you store them or plant them. It is wicked cool!
  • merrypad@mrcoverings Get out, really? They're in the freezer... Should I just toss them?
  • mrcoveringsYou can go ahead and put them in a pot with pea gravel on top. They'll come up next spring/summer and then you can plant them where you want them. I like to keep them contained in planters. Gorgeous flowers!
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