Man, how I love my Mommy!!! My hero, the most amazing woman I've ever met, and the woman I strive to be!!! I just adore my Mommy💋🙈 #mommasgirl
  • evamarcilleMan, how I love my Mommy!!! My hero, the most amazing woman I've ever met, and the woman I strive to be!!! I just adore my Mommy💋🙈 #mommasgirl

  • candy_monaeShe deserved that read @big_malice people are just so ignorant and it makes you not want to partake in social media
  • queenbeeseeEvan looks like your mother @big_malice . What's he doin these days, I haven't seen him since Washington
  • cocoa__hontasWhoaa!!!WTF is wrong witcu???i said ths comment wasn't meant for you so hold your horses!of all the negative people on this pic you decide to go after someone who's not and i even stated stated that i am a i was cuz she has a brother who cant shut up and goes off on a fan @big_malice
  • big_maliceEJ is good. He got two kids. My niece and nephew. They are awesome. Getting tall like him.
  • nellnaskeyShe is so pretty
  • big_malice@chocolatee_bombshell you need to clarify yourself. You put a comment that said the above picture isn't Eva's mother. If the comment was a mistake, maybe think about deleting it. See how easy that is (a-fucking-mazing)
  • cocoa__hontasMy phone cant delete comments thTs why i clearly told you that that comment was not meant for you @big_malice
  • akoub.a@chocolatee_bombshell don't bother replying your making yourself look bad on here. Fan or not, Just stop. #imjustsaying
  • cocoa__hontasDont just say am talkin am talkin to @big_malice and we are in the middle of resolving an issue that should have never errupted and i honestlu dont care how i look what you thinkk of me cause i dont know you and never will sooo.....#nohelpneeded @ovoxo_amelie
  • cocoa__hontas@ovoxo_amelie i know you want to get in the mix bt i wont entertain it,am talkin to @big_malice and we are about to resolve a dumb issue..andd i dont need your advice cause i dont care what you think kk #bye
  • queenbeeseeOh ok, that's good @big_malice
  • queenbina_Cool story bro 😒
  • amazingmelaninThe love of a Mother is a special kind of Love. ❤❤❤
  • snupeeworldd@big_malice @evamarcille you guys mother is beautiful she gave you guys life 👌💯❤️✨ Dont feed in to negative bullshit 💙🙏 . At the end of the day @evamarcille knows who her mom is so do you and at then of the day thats all that matters👊 people hate to see other people having a successful life .
  • galacticboogey@evamarcille your mom used to whip some butt too. Haha no nonsense allowed.
  • iam_winteromg
  • kendracato23She looks like all you guys nice pic eva
  • iamabeejuicyAuntie mickey..miss her
  • sangee_blessedVerrrrrry nice mom
  • realchoprecords(:
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