Through tomorrow, buy any pair of boots & we'll donate $2 to @NBCF, up to $250k. #Bootage #BootCancer
  • jcpenneyThrough tomorrow, buy any pair of boots & we'll donate $2 to @NBCF, up to $250k. #Bootage #BootCancer

  • sarahbeth84They donate for breast cancer for every pair of boots sold, therefore the boots replacing the boobs in the sweater..
  • missflossy7488Its giving the boot to cancer :p but the pic is confusing.
  • chabangaThis pic is a #Fail. But kudos for a great cause! 👍
  • ninji_jinjiWhat is going on here exactly?
  • drtravelersUm horrible, absolutely horrible pic. Someone made a bad choice is their select
  • kaylamarieee24Guys! Boots are making fake boobs for breast cancer awareness.. Don't worry @jcpenney I got the picture! 👍
  • crystal__queenUmmm what is the brown thing or the background I'm not sure what I'm looking at
  • disco_funkWhat exactly is this a picture of?
  • rachelnicole_18If the caption is talking about boots it would be really nice if the picture was a pair of boots.
  • averymorgan47Those aren't boots... Lolololol 😂
  • vintage_squirrelWhat ARE we looking at?
  • graciieeThey are boots making a fake cleavage for breast cancer awareness. Haha weird idea but xD
  • alyannapayosi cant tell what it is. is it a hairy potato? what in the world, are they boobs?!? oh wait, they're boots. NO HOLD ON. see, wth is it?
  • northernarapaho_katLmao! I was wondering the same thing.
  • katiemucciThey're suede boots
  • kaydeestarEeewww
  • ty.mdyGuys have you seen suede boobs? XD but no the boots-for-boobs idea was smart!
  • mpsnavelyI thought they were someone's legs in the sweater and I didn't get it
  • makeupgeekiesOhh lol
  • aaliyah_pageantsBeautiful necklace
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