Hello Chicago
  • taylorhansonmusicHello Chicago

  • sexxyagYes!!!! See you tomorrow @taylorhansonmusic @itzhanson :) #chitown
  • penny_lemonadeHello you!
  • kellster86Have a great time!
  • whenzac0225hello taylor! ^_^
  • rhiannonlee82Missed you on the walk.
  • mrs.shadydozYou were amazing tonight @taylorhansonmusic !! 🎶🎹🎤🎸
  • vainaaaaaBonne semaine
  • vainaaaaa:-)
  • sandybottoms85Love chi-town. Hope you guys had fun!
  • msdanibee86@taylorhansonmusic you guys were amazing as always. Wish I could go again tonight! Can't wait for you guys to come back to our wonderful city!
  • rhiannonlee82@taylorhansonmusic , I just got my email for a meet and greet in Detroit, but I'm an hour late! I didn't check my email on Saturday, I was at the Milwaukee show. Is there anything I can do? I'm heart broken. A fan since the beginning. A Moe member always. A .net member always. First time meet and greet. :'(
  • pandapie_17Woohoo welcome back to the Chi. Come and stay more often!
  • auberry08Such a great show!!! Always love seeing you all at HOB!!!
  • ohmigashiYou guys were amazing last night! Can't wait for the next tour!!
  • vanessazanluchiI went to the concert last sunday and I touched in your hand Taylor, I almost died. You don't know hiw much i'm fan of you guys. I'm from Brasil and 13 years ago I went to your concert in Porto Alegre_brasil and I gave a big big big letter for someone of security to give to you. I think I cried during all concert. And last sunday I cried again. I really LOVE You forever. I hope see you again.
  • olivepearlPlease come back to Melbourne, Australia!! I miss you 😋. Still so in love with you guys! Your songs carried me through hard times & up lifts me! ❤️💋
  • yanasooOh hi @taylorhansonmusic ;)
  • rasflowersI love this City
  • lostnalantis171You need to post these when you first get in. ......@taylorhansonmusic you going to make your way to dubuque? Lol just teasing. We were only good enough to get weird al once too. ...but it was east dubuque and i was working godfathers so that went to hell-o
  • lostnalantis171And you did ;)
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